GOLLA notebook backpacks

Extremely attractive GOLLA backpacks designed by Finnish designers are not only an elegant accessory but also an ideal companion for any trip. Bring your notebook comfortably with other essential features and fully enjoy it.

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Orion Models
OMB156NJC0GA  Backpack na laptop 15,6", Orion Lake, blue, polyester, Golla    57,300 €0,000
OMB156NJW0GA  Backpack na laptop 15,6", Orion Mud, brown, polyester, Golla    57,300 €0,000
OMB156NJG0GA  Backpack na laptop 15,6", Orion Pine, green, polyester, Golla    57,300 €0,000
OMB156NJY0GA  Backpack na laptop 15,6", Orion Sun, yellow, polyester, Golla    57,240 €0,000
OMB156NJB0GA  Backpack na laptop 15,6", Orion Coal, black, polyester, Golla    73,870 €0,000
OMB156NJA0GA  Backpack na laptop 15,6", Orion Salt & Pepper, grey, polyester, Golla    73,870 €0,000
Pihka Models
OMB156NRR0GA  Backpack na laptop 15,6", Pihka Berry, red, polyester, Golla    73,870 €0,000
OMB156NRB0GA  Backpack na laptop 15,6", Pihka Coal, black, polyester, Golla    73,870 €0,000
OMB156NRG0GA  Backpack na laptop 15,6", Pihka Moss, green, polyester, Golla    76,170 €0,000