Ergonomic Office - part 3. HANDS

Enjoy the comfort of working at home and in the office and focus on 4 areas of ergonomics with us. We know what your body needs and that's why we bring you several tips, how to arrange ERGONOMIC OFFICE appropriately!


 CodeNameYour price in EURhistorical fee
Ergonomic vertical mouse
MMNNO01MOB00  Mouse Ergo, 1600DPI, 2.4 [GHz], optical, 6but., 1 wheel, wireless, black, 2 pcs AAA, ergonomic    15,080 €0,000
MMNNO03MOA00  Mouse Ergo, 1600DPI, 2.4 [GHz], optical, 6but., 1 wheel, wireless, black and grey, 2 pcs AAA    11,820 €0,000
MMNNO02MOW00  Mouse Ergo, 1600DPI, 2.4 [GHz], optical, 6but., 1 wheel, wireless, brown, 2 pcs AAA, ergonomic    10,010 €0,000
MMRWE01UOB00  Crown Mouse 1600DPI, optical, 6but., 1 wheel, black, ergonomic, vertical    10,750 €0,000
Ergonomic keyboard
YCMDUE404C00  Microsoft keyboard Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000, ergonomic, black and silver, wire (USB), CZ/SK    42,760 €0,000
Ergonomic mouse pad
PYG01MK001  Mouse pad, ergonomic, gel, blue    7,390 €0,000
PYG01SK001  Mouse pad, ergonomic, gel, grey    7,390 €0,000
PYG01CK00L  Mouse pad, ergonomic, gel, black, Logo    6,870 €0,000
PYG01MK00L  Mouse pad, ergonomic, gel, blue, Logo    6,870 €0,000
PYG01SK00L  Mouse pad, ergonomic, gel, grey, Logo    6,870 €0,000
Ergonomic pad under whist
PYG02BB00G  CRYSTAL mouse pad, ergonomic, gel, black, Fellowes    9,040 €0,000
PYG02MK00G  CRYSTAL mouse pad, ergonomic, gel, blue, Fellowes    9,040 €0,000
Rug ahead of keyboard
NLPG25BN00  Pad keyboard, ergonomic, black, gel    6,320 €0,000
NLPG25CN00  Pad keyboard, ergonomic, blue, gel    6,910 €0,000
NLPG25CN0L  Pad keyboard, ergonomic, blue, gel, Logo    6,910 €0,000
NLPE01BX0G  Mat keyboard, ergonomic, black, foam, Fellowes    12,650 €0,000
Keyboard holder
NLKS28BN0L  Keyboard holder under desk, black, plastic, Logo, black    23,980 €0,000
NLKE02BI0G  Keyboard and mouse holder Office Suites, under desk, black, plastic, Fellowes    44,860 €0,000
NLKE01AI0G  Keyboard and mouse holder under desk, grey, plastic, Fellowes    36,370 €0,000