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Enjoy the comfort of working at home and in the office and focus on 4 areas of ergonomics with us. We know what your body needs and that is why we bring you several tips, how to arrange ERGONOMIC OFFICE appropriately!

 CodeNameYour price in EURhistorical fee
Ergonomic E-Blue chairs
MGEBH01KM000  Gaming chair E-blue AUROZA, red, translucent    402,720 €0,000
MGEBH11KB000  Gaming chair E-blue AUROZA II, black, translucent    317,830 €0,000
MGEBH01KC000  Gaming chair E-blue AUROZA, blue    359,270 €0,000
MGEBH04KG000  Gaming chair E-blue MAZER, green    250,210 €0,000
MGEBH04KB000  Gaming chair E-blue MAZER, black    250,210 €0,000
MGEBH03KB000  Gaming chair E-blue COBRA, black    195,650 €0,000
MGEBH03KM000  Gaming chair E-blue COBRA, red    176,050 €0,000
MGEBH03KC000  Gaming chair E-blue COBRA, blue    223,500 €0,000
MGEBH06KB000  Gaming chair E-blue COBRA II, black-grey    175,780 €0,000
MGEBH13KM000  Gaming chair E-blue COBRA III, red    197,760 €0,000
MGEBH13KC000  Gaming chair E-blue COBRA III, blue    227,460 €0,000
Ergonomic Red Fighter chairs
MGRDH01KG000  Gaming chair Red Fighter C1, green, removable pads    139,010 €0,000
MGRDH01KM000  Gaming chair Red Fighter C1, red, removable pads    139,010 €0,000
MGRDH02KB000  Gaming chair Red Fighter C2, black, removable pads    186,700 €0,000
MGRDH03LA000  Gaming chair Red Fighter C3, grey, removable pads    174,470 €0,000
PDNNU01TB0NN  Waist restpad, universal, ergonomic, black, memorz foam    13,980 €0,000
PDNNU01TC0NN  Waist restpad, universal, ergonomic, blue, memorz foam    9,620 €0,000
Fellowes Backrests
PDFEB01PB0  Backrest I-Spire, adjustabel belt, black, plastic, Fellowes    19,640 €0,000
PDFEB01PA0  Backrest I-Spire, adjustabel belt, grey, plastic, Fellowes    16,420 €0,000
PDFEZ04PB0  Backrest Profesional, backrest, black, plastic, Fellowes    30,030 €0,000
PDFEZ02SB0  Backrest Profesional, memory foam, black, netted, Fellowes    33,210 €0,000
PDNNP01SB0NN  Seat, under buttock, ergonomic, black, memorz foam    17,460 €0,000
PDNNP02TB0NN  Seat, under buttock, ergonomic, black, memorz foam    13,100 €0,000